Better Collaboration.
For a Future in Balance.

Our mission at keep it balanced is to improve transdisciplinary forms of collaboration for sustainable development, to create digital tools for direct science-society communication, and to help scientific institutions raise their transdisciplinary profile.

The very idea of sustainability is, at its core, about keeping the balance between the use and the regeneration of natural resources. The idea of the Anthropocene forcefully reminds us that our industrialized way of living is now tilting the scales toward ecological collapse. If we want to create a future in balance we need new, social-ecological knowledge.

For such knowledge to emerge, collaboration is vital: Scientists from many different disciplines need to work together and they need to join forces with stake- and knowledge holders from society at large. Transdisciplinarity is an established framework that brings this kind of creative knowledge co-production for sustainable development to life.

kib works on improving the foundations and methods of transdisciplinarity to make it more easily accessible for a growing number of scientific institutions, civil society, industry, and policy makers. Since communication is key to successful collaboration, kib also develops digital tools for linking science and society directly.