Selected Publications

Florian Keil co-authored many scientific articles on the foundations and methods of transdisciplinary research. The following five are his most recent publications.

Jahn, Thomas/Florian Keil/Oskar Marg (2019): Transdisziplinarität: zwischen Praxis und Theorie. Reaktion auf fünf Beiträge in GAIA zur Theorie transdisziplinärer Forschung. GAIA 28 (1), 16-20 >> download

Hummel, Diana/Thomas Jahn/Florian Keil/Stefan Liehr/Immanuel Stieß (2017): Social Ecology as Critical, Transdisciplinary Science—Conceptualizing, Analyzing, and Shaping Societal Relations to Nature. Sustainability >> download

Jahn, Thomas/Florian Keil (2016): Reallabore im Kontext transdisziplinärer Forschung. GAIA 25/4 (2016): 247– 252. >> download

Jahn, Thomas/Florian Keil (2015): An actor-specific guideline for quality assurance in transdisciplinary research. Futures 65, 195–208. >> link to publisher

Jahn, Thomas/Bergman, Matthias/Keil, Florian: Transdisciplinarity: Between Mainstreaming and Marginalization. Ecological Economics, 79, July 2012, 1–10. >> link to publisher

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